When hiring Heart & Home caregivers, we choose only those very special individuals we would trust to care for our elderly loved ones. We have a comprehensive hiring process which includes an initial phone screen, an in-person interview, a national criminal background check, and verification of personal and professional references. Our Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nursing Supervisor are licensed by the State of New Jersey and we verify their professional credentials as well. Caregivers who will be providing transportation for our clients must possess a driver's license in good standing as substantiated by a motor vehicle background check.

The Client-Caregiver Relationship:

Prospective families occasionally voice concern about bringing a stranger into their home to care for their loved one. Our multi-step interview process and the many pre-employment checks we conduct provide a testament to the integrity of our caregivers and enable our clients to trust in our agency and their caregiver.

Our caregivers are employees, not independent contractors, and all of our caregivers are fully bonded and insured. As an added measure of peace of mind for our clients, our employees are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance. In the event our caregiver is injured while performing their job, our client does not have to be concerned about having any liability for their caregiver's injury or the cost of medical treatment.

The "Typical" Caregiver:

Prospective clients often ask us to describe our typical caregiver. Our employees do share certain characteristics: patience, a passion for working with seniors, compassion and dependability. However, in many ways, our caregivers are as unique as our clients. The key is to match our clients' personality, needs, interests, and lifestyle to a compatible and skilled caregiver. True compatibility will allow for a wonderfully satisfying, comfortable relationship between the client and caregiver.

Heart & Home provides our employees with initial and ongoing training. Our employees are required to attend six in-service training classes per year, and they must demonstrate their professional knowledge by passing an exam after each training class. Only in this way can we ensure that our employees continue to have the knowledge and professionalism needed to safely provide the highest level of care to our clients.

References Available:

Finally, perhaps the best testimonial to our wonderful caregivers is that of our clients. Letters of reference are always available upon request.

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Our caring service enables your loved ones to remain independent, safe and happy ... at home - where the heart is.
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