Born on December 12th, 1921, in Camden, New Jersey, Heart & Home client Robert Powell was never afraid of breaking/shaking up family traditions. As one of 6 children, including 3 brothers and 2 sisters, Robert was the only child in his family to be born in a hospital!

Robert and his family grew up in southern New Jersey where Roberts father was a farmer. From a very young age, Robert embraced the fun activities that went along with life on the farm. Some of his most cherished childhood memories include horseback-riding and partaking in hunting expeditions on the farm beginning at only 11 years old!

It was during a routine shift as a bus driver en route to the Girl Scout Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, that Robert first met his future spouse, who worked as a secretary nearby. Among other secrets to a long and happy marriage, Robert is quick to supply the following tips: lots of love, no fighting, and "learning to keep your mouth shut!" In addition to memories of a loving marriage, Robert also remembers spending some of the best times of his life on vacation in Branson, Missouri, where great music and exciting shows were always in abundant supply.

Since Roberts childhood, many routine aspects of daily life have changed: automobiles have replaced horses as the primary form of transportation, and the cost of living is certainly not what it once was (to put it nicely)! Current prices may not seem out of line to todays youth, but Robert knows otherwise, and eagerly recalls the former prices of several common goods: 14 cents for a quart of milk and a dozen eggs, 3 cent Tastycakes, 10 cent movies, and fuel/oil at 6 cents per gallon. Talk about inflation!

To this day, Robert continues the family tradition of farming and growing such fresh produce as zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and string beans. Heart & Home office staff always appreciates Roberts generosity during the summer harvest!

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