My professional commitment to exceptional home care had its foundation in a profoundly personal experience. When I was in my twenties, my beloved Nana Bess was diagnosed with hardening of the arteries in the brain. As a young adult, all that I noticed when we got together was that Nana repeated the same question over and over again. Little did I know, that was only the beginning of a long and difficult journey for her.

Over the years, my Nana developed other cognitive problems and was ultimately diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Our family watched helplessly as Nana suffered with this debilitating disease for more than a decade. For those who have watched a loved one suffer from this disease or any progressive illness, you know what a painful process it is to lose a little more of your loved one with each passing day.

As time passed, my Nana was increasingly unable to live alone safely. Dedicated to keeping my Nana in her home for as long as possible, our family hired a home health aide. Initially, service was needed only a few hours per day, but ultimately, 24-hour care was needed. While there were occasions where Nana's disease or other health problems necessitated a hospital stay, throughout most of her illness, she was able to remain at home. We could not possibly have done this without wonderful, dedicated and caring home health aides.

Over the years, these dedicated aides became friends and felt like an extended family to Nana and our family. They helped my Nan in every conceivable way and were a godsend to us. The best aides were those lovingly cared for my Nana as if she were their grandmother. You could see the special love and concern in their eyes and in the way they touched her.

As Nana's disease progressed to its end stage, she became increasingly disoriented, often not knowing who or where she was. Whenever we would visit her, she would cry and beg us not to leave her. It was truly a comfort to know that, in our absence, there was a warm and caring person, holding and rubbing my Nana's hand so she would not be alone and afraid. Only in retrospect did I realize how lucky our family was to be able to keep Nana at home until the end of her days.

As the owner of Heart & Home Senior Care, my goal is to make sure that each of our clients receives the same level of care and kindness that my Nana Bess received, and that our clients' families receive the support and comfort that our family received from a team of wonderfully dedicated professionals. I know that my Nana would be proud of the work we are doing at Heart & Home, and I dedicate our work to her loving memory.

Laura Mansfield

President and Founder
Heart & Home Senior Care, LLC

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